Data Gumbo Partners to Advance Digital Automation of Supply Chain

Data Gumbo, the trusted industrial blockchain network, today announced a partnership with Atlas RFID, provider of the Jovix® Material Readiness® software solution. The collaboration brings automated, touchless transactions and unparalleled visibility to the heavy industrial construction sector for commercial contracts. Two joint implementations are currently underway with a national oil company (NOC): tracking hundreds-of-millions of dollars in chemicals and establishing provenance to curb counterfeits, losses and expirations; and also establishing provenance and life cycle management of the company’s steel pipe orders and assets.

“This partnership marks a big step forward in the digital automation and visibility of the industrial construction supply chain,” said Andrew Bruce, CEO, Data Gumbo. “Right from the start, we are delivering massive value to a NOC who expects to significantly reduce material losses with a transparent, single source of truth on GumboNet with data supplied by Jovix. The savings will exceed millions per year for the NOC, and we look forward to furthering the digital revolution within construction and capital projects with the team at Atlas RFID.”

Data Gumbo will utilize Jovix’s validation data, a combination of web-based server software, mobile devices, and smart RFID tags and barcode labels, on GumboNet, the company’s massively interconnected industrial blockchain network. GumboNet digests terms from natural language contracts including payment terms, rates, modifiers, penalties and more, and translates real-world agreements into automated smart contracts thus eliminating administrative drag, contract fraud and operational inefficiencies.

“As our first blockchain partner, Data Gumbo opens up the world of smart contracts to our customer base and, subsequently, enables us to offer the vast benefits of commercial transaction automation to them,” said Jon Chesser, Chief Revenue Officer, Atlas RFID Solutions. “This partnership brings to market integrated technologies that enable truly touchless transactions across the construction supply chain.”

Data Gumbo will be participating in the Jovix Executive Forum October 19-21, 2020, in the Tech Zone of the virtual booth. For more information, please visit

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