Data Gumbo Deployed for 3D Printing Supply Chain & Logistics

Data Gumbo, the trusted industrial blockchain network, today announced that it has been awarded an exploratory project with Fieldmade, the Oslo-based on-demand, deep tech company that operates in the additive manufacturing. The project will deploy GumboNet™, Data Gumbo’s massively interconnected blockchain network, to capture provenance of materials and designs for Fieldmade’s 3D product offerings to enable trust across all stages of equipment creation, supply and automation.

“Delivering high quality products at speed has long been a challenge for 3D printing companies,” said Ove Sandve, CTO, Data Gumbo. “Data Gumbo solves multiple pain points for Fieldmade including streamlining transactional efficiencies between service providers and their customers resulting in the ability to lower production costs, speed delivery times, verify provenance of materials and designs, and alleviate the need for warehouse overstocking -- all benefits that save companies millions of dollars.”

The immutability of blockchain avails a verifiable and auditable data record to ascertain correct and approved intellectual property, legal, manufacturing, regulatory, and delivery information for any product. In this project, GumboNet enables trust and transparency to commercial relationships and supports Fieldmade’s 3D printing services to its customers across energy, defense and aerospace sectors.

“Blockchain enables trust in provenance ensuring that all stages of our equipment supply marketplace are correct and approved,” Christian Dunn Norberg, CEO, Fieldmade. “Data Gumbo’s advantageous offering provides additional layers of security to protect IP and ensure transactional certainty for our customers.”

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