Data Gumbo Expands Smart Contract Network with Equinor

Utilizes GumboNet to Ensure Transactional Certainty Across IDWS Category; Rolls Out Technology Starting with the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Data Gumbo, the industrial smart contract network company, today announced that it has signed a contract with Equinor (OSE: EQNR, NYSE: EQNR). GumboNetenables transactional certainty with Equinor’s portfolio of service providers across the energy leader’s drilling and well services (IDWS) category, beginning with rollouts in the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The frame agreement provides the basis for company-wide application within Equinor for all relevant contract categories.

“Equinor is an industry trailblazer, demonstrating the true value of our international smart contract network to improve and automate manual processes, and bring trust to all parties,” said Andrew Bruce, Founder and CEO, Data Gumbo. “Smart contracts are playing a critical role in driving the energy industry forward. Our work with Equinor clearly demonstrates the benefits that supermajors and their supply chain customers, partners and vendors experience by automating commercial transactions. We are proud to continue our work with Equinor to help them realize the savings, efficiencies and new levels of transparency available through our smart contract network.”

By using GumboNet across its IDWS category, Equinor is taking on highly complex contract and invoices, aiming to reduce processing time from weeks down to a few days. With roughly 150 different billing triggers, 17 unique payment methods, and data from Equinor, drillships, platforms, offshore service vessels, aviation providers, and third-party data managers and service providers, GumboNet smart contracts have successfully created 99.7% accurate invoices with no human intervention during initial trials with Equinor’s historical data. 

To automate the execution of these offshore contracts, Equinor and its service partners provide data from their digital systems and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors to Data Gumbo’s private, permissioned smart contract network, GumboNet. The smart contracts combine data with the business rules and pricing of a contract to create an auditable, immutable and shared record of truth enabling the automation of invoicing and payments. This should eliminate 95% of payment delays, invoicing errors, disputes and complicated reconciliations — significantly reducing the costs and necessary resources to administer contracts and supply improvements in joint interest billing.

“Since piloting Data Gumbo’s smart contracts for offshore drilling services in 2019, we have worked with the company to continually refine and improve use cases. We now have the potential to expand Data Gumbo’s smart contract network to enable transactional certainty across our portfolio from the Norwegian Continental Shelf to our Brazilian operated assets and beyond,” said Erik Kirkemo, Senior Vice President for Drilling & Well in Equinor. “GumboNet reduces inefficiencies and processing time around contract execution in complex supply chains, which is a problem in the broader industry, and we look forward to realizing the streamlined process and cost savings of its rapidly expanding smart contract network.”

About Equinor

Equinor is a broad energy company with more than 21,000 employees committed to providing affordable energy for societies worldwide and taking a leading role in the energy transition. Equinor is on a journey to net zero emissions through optimising the oil and gas portfolio, accelerating growth in renewables and pioneering developments in carbon capture and hydrogen.

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